We make work that investigates society's biggest challenges.

We find the right medium for each story, crafting content in film, photography, audio, theater, installation, and emerging forms. We specialize in creating participatory documentaries; an inclusive and collaborative process that engages communities in designing and carrying out the collection and dissemination of their own story.

What We Do


Idea Development + Project Design + Production. We create award-winning documentaries in multiple mediums: film, photography, audio/radio/oral history, and live installations. Every story is unique. For both independent projects and clients, we uncover the most powerful way to tell a story and bring it to light.

Strategy + Engagement

We help partners understand the core objectives of their story and how to maximize the impact of their content, message or campaign. We consult on strategic storytelling, partnership development, engagement campaigns and building ladders of engagement.


Participatory Storytelling

We specialize in multi-platform participatory and interactive storytelling that engages the people formerly known as “the audience” in unique ways. Whether you call it transmedia, multimedia, cross-platform, or interactive–we love working on projects at the cutting edge of storytelling and 21st-century journalism.


We teach workshops, lecture, produce events and moderate discussions about documentary production and engagement, working with community organizations, oral history/radio, digital and participatory media, and the future of storytelling. See a list of recent speaking engagements and events here.

Water Warriors

Water Warriors is a documentary short film and exhibition about a community’s successful resistance against the oil and natural gas industry. 

The film and exhibition are now available. 

Interested in bringing Water Warriors to your community? Find out more about the project here.

Sandy Storyline

Sandy Storyline is a participatory web-based documentary and exhibition that explores the immediate and still-unfolding impacts of Hurricane Sandy through the experiences of some of the millions of people whose lives were affected by the storm. The project integrates a series of character-driven short films with a growing collection of multimedia stories contributed by residents, business owners, volunteers, and citizen and professional journalists. The project is winner of the inaugural Award for Transmedia at the Tribeca Film Festival.

View the Sandy Storyline website to see the project in production. Connect with us on Facebook or Twitter

Housing is a Human Right

Housing is a Human Right is a creative storytelling project about the dignity of a place to call home. Explore the multimedia exhibition, radio documentaries and mixtape from the project here


Sanctuary Songs

Believers, and nonbelievers from all walks of life and faith traditions are welcome at the world famous St. John the Divine in Manhattan. And in the community of this magnificent cathedral, many people have found home and sanctuary. But In a world of chaos and injustice, what does that mean? This unique project in development weaves interviews with members of the congregation, text, and lyrics with original music by Broken Chord. Sanctuary Songs is being created as part of the Working Theater's Five Boroughs/One City project.