Storyline is dedicated to building power with story and strategy. We make work that investigates society's biggest challenges.

We find the right medium for each story, crafting content in film, photography, audio, theater, installation, and emerging forms. We specialize in creating participatory documentaries; an inclusive and collaborative process that engages communities in designing and carrying out the collection and dissemination of their own story.

We collaborate and consult with partners to teach, design, and implement civic engagement strategies that help build a more just, equitable and sustainable future.

What We Do



Idea Development + Project Design + Production

We create award-winning documentaries in multiple mediums: film, photography, audio/radio/oral history, and live installations. Every story is unique. For both independent projects and clients, we uncover the most powerful way to tell a story and bring it to light.


Participatory Storytelling

We specialize in multi-platform participatory and interactive storytelling that engages the people formerly known as “the audience” in unique ways. Whether you call it transmedia, multimedia, cross-platform, or interactive–we love working on projects at the cutting edge of storytelling and 21st-century journalism.


Strategy + Engagement


We help partners understand the core objectives of their story and how to maximize the impact of their content, message or campaign. We consult on strategic storytelling, partnership development, engagement campaigns and building ladders of engagement.



We teach workshops, lecture, produce events and moderate discussions about documentary production and engagement, working with community organizations, oral history/radio, digital and participatory media, and the future of storytelling. See a list of recent speaking engagements and events here.